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Commercial Canopy Accessories

These are high end canopy accessories for the serious user. If you are looking for something extra for your canopy, you are sure to find it here. If you want something special to go along with your canopy, you will find them among our collection of commercial canopy accessories.

Everybody always likes to accessorize. It's fun and easy to set up one of these commercial canopy accessories.

All About Commercial Canopy Accessories

If, as a business entity, you have a need for cooling down an area in use for the public, such as auto shows, county or state fairs or even campgrounds, a misting kit as one of the commercial canopy accessories might be for you. These kits are available as a starter kit and can be added to as needed.

Another good commercial canopy accessory that is easily set up for use in business and private situations as well, is a patio heater. These cast a heat circle of from eighteen to twenty feet on many models. As a business, when you have outdoor events and the weather is not cooperating fully, put together a warm, radiant heated patio heater for the comfort of folks. They will appreciate it, maybe enough to stick around long enough to participate in your sale.

If your canopy cannot be attached to the ground securely, because of concrete or any other solid materials, the use of heavy duty sand bags to surround the legs of a frame will hold it securely, even in high wind. There are also snow canopies that are built of heavy duty all weather material. They hold a large snow load, especially with the extra larger diameter and thickness of poles being a factor.

The commercial business of a car wash depends upon a sparkling clean vehicle coming out of the chute. These are possibly cars run through an automatic wash but needing detailing as they come out. To prevent the sun from drying streaks into the finish, set up a regular or super heavy duty canopy for that protection from the sun.

Not seen often except in hot weather areas, pool coolers placed under a covered section at both ends of a pool will help to cool down the pool water significantly. Using the high pressure jets, cool the air above the surface of the water and it will help to make the water remain at cooler temps. This will cut down the use, if not eliminate it, of larger and more expensive water cooling systems which could cost as much as 40% more to operate than that of running the more efficient commercial canopy accessories, a pool cooler misting system.

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