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Commercial Canopies

Our commercial portable shelter canopies range from 10x10 to 20x20. We offer commercial portable canopies for trucks, cars and boats. Our steel tube canopies are built for commercial use and can withstand a beating. When it comes to all purpose commercial grade canopy carports, we are second to none. If you are looking for the ultimate commercial canopy shelters we suggest our selection of Ace commercial portable canopies.

Looking for commercial grade portable canopies that will last a long time? Play it safe and use one of our portable commercial canopies.

Uses For The Commercial Canopy

Canopies of the commercial variety are intended for use in industrial and agricultural environments. This could be the heavily framed galvanized steel version to the dual cover tension system. These could typically be used for covering many cars simultaneously, storing apparatus for a long-term on site job, protecting animals or large workshop areas. The commercial canopies are also made for the heavy duty job that require tough resistance.

The commercial canopies usually come stored in a single tube construction and weigh the heaviest of common canopies. The canopy frames are all made of galvanized steel. The door and main cover are made from long lasting UV and fire resistant poly. The seams are heat welded. One is easily able to adjust this due to the dual cover tension canopy's system. Wind can be absorbed due to the wind release flaps on either side. The material is designed so that melting snow and water runs off the material. These also have fourteen earth anchors for the purposes of securing all the strategic points.

The commercial canopy is convenient for use as an architectural design. They enhance the look of any shop or similar establishment. They are great for signage as they double up as protection and shelter. People are able to use these for many industrial type purposes. Residential dwellings often have the non-commercial variety on them. Style and protection are the reasons many homeowners use them. Picnic areas and parking lots, yards are all places that one would see these. Hospitals use them for their facilities as well. Offices often have these over their doorways for protection and to enhance the look of the building.

Typically commercial establishments would use storm panels, storm shutter, hurricane protection products, aluminum protection products, shade screens and aluminum welded railings as part of commercial canopy accessories. Generally these are of very high quality. It is important that all coverings and accessories are well looked after so that they last longer.

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