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Classic Party Tents

The classic party tents are shaped with the more traditional party tent look. The shape of these party tents give off a carnival feel. Whether you are doing a small private party or a major event, these party tents are the types of tents that will last and give the highest quality of shelter.

We carry the Ace Canopy party tents as well as other brands. All our party tent frames are built with super heavy duty galvanized steel poles and connectors. Our party tent tops are 100% waterproof and are CPAI-84 flame certified. We are party tent experts. So if you want the best options, go to us.

General Features of Our Classic Party Tents

  • 100% waterproof party tent top
  • Rust resistant steel frame
  • Wide pole diameter
  • Thickness of party tent frame
  • Heavy-duty party tent connectors
  • Welding of the party tent connectors
  • High denier count on party tent top cover
  • Fire retardant party tent top cover
  • Galvanized steel poles and party tent connectors to resist harsh weather.

Additional Info on Classic Party Tents

Here at Ace Canopy, we offer different colors and sizes to suit various party needs. Whether you have a big or small event, you'll surely find a structure suitable for your upcoming celebration.

We offer classic frame tents. This model has a frame which supports the top cover. The space underneath the cover can be maximized since a center pole isn't necessary. Stakes can be installed to make the frame tent more stable. 

Each classic party tent comes with a frame made of galvanized steel. It’s a reliable material which can last for more than 20 years. But do note that its service life depends on how often you use it and where you use it. Galvanized steel resists scratches. It will not rust or corrode.

The top is made of polyester oxford. This is a strong and breathable material which can resist chemicals and abrasions. The thread thickness is determined by looking at its denier count. With a high number, you get a material with thick thread. The material is also treated with fire retardants. These are substances that decrease the flammability of objects.

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