Chicago Door Canopies

The Chicago door canopies give that old time charm that scream, Chicago! Chicago! Dress your doors and windows with these canopy awnings and instantly upgrade your home of establishment.

Decorate Any Exterior With Stylish Chicago Door Canopies

Installing a canopy above a window or entryway is the ideal way to help any store front attract attention and stand out in the crowd. Making a great first impression is crucial for any business that depends on customers to walk in off the street. Hanging a canopy creates a polished and inviting look for any entrance. There are choices when it comes to style and Chicago door canopies are popular with many consumers.

This style of entrance canopy wraps around the top portion of the window frame and forms a scoop. The edges are rounded with no sharp angles and they are also suitable for installing above doors. The sturdy aluminum frame is fixed and is durable enough to stand up to inclement weather conditions.

The fabric of the Chicago door canopy is made out of material that is waterproof and will not fade when exposed to direct sunlight. Maintenance is simple because it is resistant to mold growth.

The sturdy door canopy frame is constructed out of lightweight aluminum. There will be some assembly required but instructions are provided for easy installation. With an electric drill and a few ordinary hand tools, anyone can complete this task by following the directions provided.

Thirteen different colors of door canopies allow consumers to choose the best look. Neutral colors include tan, off white, gray, black and brown. There are also a number of bright shades to choose from including blue, red and yellow. The bottom edge of the canopy is scalloped and decorated with trim in a contrasting color.

These door canopies are available in widths from three feet to six feet in increments of one foot. For larger windows and doors, they are available in widths from eight feet to twenty feet in two-foot increments.

Installing Chicago door canopies is an affordable and effective way to add style and a splash of color to any window or entryway.

These are replacement canopies only. No hardware is included.

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