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5 Year Extended Warranty
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No Edge Top 20x40 (fits most 18x40 canopy frames)
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Valance Top 20'x40' (Fits Most 18'x40' canopy frames)
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Heavy Duty Sand Bags
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With the size of the 18x40 Heavy Duty Car Canopy, you can give protection to your truck and smaller vehicles all at once. We recommend this size for individuals who own multiple cars. You can also use this outdoor structure for other purposes.

18x40 Heavy Duty Car Canopy

  • Heavy-duty tarp cover
  • Full UV protection
  • Super heat resistant
  • Waterproof and weather resistant
  • Heavy-duty ball bungees
  • No tools required - easy set-up
  • Galvanized steel poles 1 3/8-inch pole diameter - heavy-duty 17 gage
  • 5 year warranty on acts of erosion for frame & top cover



  • Weight = 240 pounds
  • Side height = 6' 8"
  • Center height = 10' 9"
  • With 14 legs
  • Use of canopy stakes & foot pads are recommended for windy areas


Available in white, green, orange, red, silver, yellow or blue.

Additional Info

UV protection. UV treated tarps are long-lasting and weather resistant. They provide protection from ultraviolet rays and other elements.

Ball bungees. Punching a hole on the tarp won't be necessary when you install ball bungees. The elastic cords are able to fit through the grommets.

Galvanized steel poles. In galvanization, zinc bonds to steel permanently. After this process, the coated steel will not rust or corrode. The satiny finish also gives an appealing look to the frame.

17 gage. The thickness of a 17 gage galvanized steel is 0.0575".

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