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Canvas Canopies

Our optimum quality, lasting canvas canopies are the perfect choice for those looking for something special. Our canvas canopies are equipped with heavy duty galvanized steel tubing and are 100% cotton canvas covers.

If you are looking for an original looking canvas canopy, Ace is the right place to be. The canvas cover protects 100% U.V. rays while giving it a vintage canvas look.

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Note: The canvas canopy is not meant to be use for rain protection. The cotton can shrink after a series of dampness. These canvas canopies are used for light shade and temporary use.

A Look At Canvas Canopies
Those who find themselves with a need to protect something or provide shelter outside often turn to the canvas canopy. This type of canopy is perhaps the most common of all the available varieties. It features this very heavy duty fabric known as canvas which is really unparalleled in terms of a heavy duty weatherproof material. Canvas canopies are available in pop-up or portable types, awnings, car canopies, or party tents. The canvas is tightly woven and very weather resistant. The canvas is available in a number of different colors. Keep in mind that the more natural colors will stay looking newer for longer as they are less prone to fading.

The frame of the canvas canopy is designed in galvanized steel. Knowing what one would use their canopy for can help determine the best choice of material for the frame. Most people purchase canvas canopies with the idea of leaving them up for long periods of time, if not throughout the entire year. The canvas canopy comes with side canvas that can be rolled up. This is handy for additional shade.

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