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Canopy With Valance Top 12x20

Canopy With Valance Top 12x20 Canopy With Valance Top 12x20

Canopy With Valance Top 12x20
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ITEM: Canopy With Valance Top 12x20   
Regular Price: $500.00
Sale Price: $379.95
You Save: $120.05 (24%)
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5 Years Extended Warranty
Optional Accessories
Canopy Foot Pads 1 3/8 InchCanopy Foot Pads 1 3/8 Inch
Our Price: $5.97
Shade Screen 6x20Shade Screen 6x20
Our Price: $157.95
The gap between the frame and the tarp is eliminated when you have a Canopy With Valance Top 12x20. Water runs down the flaps seen on the edges. This is a complete set so there’s no need to buy extra equipment or tools.

Canopy With Valance Top 12x20
  • Super Heavy Duty Tarp Cover
  • Full UV Protection
  • Super Heat Resistant
  • Waterproof and Weather Resistant
  • Heavy Duty Ball Bungees
  • No Tools Required - Easy Set-up
  • Galvanized Steel Poles 1 3/8 Inch Pole Diameter - Heavy Duty 18 Gage
  • 5 Year Warranty on acts of Erosion for frame & Top Cover
Available in white, tan or silver.

Additional Information

Galvanized steel. After going through a chemical process called galvanization, zinc bonds to the steel. As a result the item will not corrode or rust. Many people also find this finish appealing. Its surface has protective layers that are hard to scratch.

18 gage. An 18 gage galvanized steel is .0516 in. thick. Gage (also spelled as gauge) is the standard sheet metal thickness.

Ball bungees (heavy duty). Ball bungees allow you to easily and effortlessly install the top cover. These handy tie downs can securely hold the tarp to the frame.

UV protection (full). Constant exposure to UV light and other elements will not damage a UV treated tarp. It is durable and can remain with you for years.

Foot pads (sold separately). Add foot pads to your canopy during windy weather. We highly recommend it. They add more stability to the outdoor structure.

Shade screens (sold separately). Shade screens do not resist the wind. Instead, they lessen its blow and invite air inside the canopy.
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