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Canopy Poles

Ace canopies offers premium quality long lasting canopy pipes made with high grade galvanized steel and zinc oxide dipped for lasting weather protection. So if you are looking for a high quality canopy pole to ensure that your structure stays stable for a long time, come to Ace.
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The importance of Quality Buying Canopy Poles

There are many uses for canopies. Whether it's for recreational or work purposes, the demand for them has surged over the years. Finding the right one for your need can be done easily and quickly. The uses for this product include car and RV covers, weddings and banquets, backyard or outdoor, kids and pets and temporary ones just to name a few. Selecting the right canopy poles can make your set up a lot easier too.

The canopy poles are constructed from high quality galvanized steel. They are also dipped in zinc oxide so that they are protected from harsh outdoor elements and weather. The edges of the poles are smooth and resistant to rust. So rest assured, these pipes will endure throughout the year. They will also stabilize your structure. This is important when you are dealing with inclement weather like wind, rain, snow, etc...

These items come in various lengths and diameters. Just measure the size and height of your canopy and place your order. The amount of poles you need depends on the size of your canopy. Canopies come in a lot sizes, colors and materials. Some additional uses for them include use for gazebos, gardens, providing shade, beach or even for your greenhouse or gardening needs.

When buying these poles be sure of the size and quantity you need. Our canopy poles are smooth edged and rust resistant.

Technical aspects to consider with canopy poles.

  • galvanized steel
  • Pole diameter
  • Gage of canopy pole
  • Welding of the canopy pole.

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