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Canopy Fittings

When it comes to canopy fittings and canopy parts, Ace Canopy is the pioneer. Our high grade, lasting canopy fittings fit all our pole canopies. When it comes to canopy fittings and canopy parts you want to be sure that you are getting something that won't rust and last all the seasons. We want our customers to feel confident when they get canopy replacement parts, knowing that it is strong and will last. When you need a canopy fitting to replace on your canopy we are sure you will be confident using our canopy fittings.

Did a storm break one of your canopy fittings? Replace it with one of our super dense Ace canopy fittings!

The Ace Canopy Canopy Connectors And Fitting.

There are many canopies on the market today that perform numerous functions. They may be used to shade a car, a garden or for some other purpose, fulfilling the needs of the homeowner. When one of the canopy's poles or canopy joint fittings become damaged one has a choice of connectors which are of excellent construction. Since the canopy is long lasting, and serves a very important function, naturally a person wants to change the connection if it becomes damaged. Fortunately, on today's market, there are connectors to fit any of the size needed for repairs. Whether one needs a 1 3/8 inch two-way fitting, 3/4 inch three-way fitting or some other size, they are all made to fill the requirements of any canopy frame. The fortunate thing about these connectors is that they do not rust and they are long lasting. In addition, they are not difficult to install and can be connected with the existing poles very easily. This will assure a person that their canopy will still be able to withstand strong winds, rain, hot sun or whatever the weather brings.

In getting one of these replacement connectors, one can be sure of having something that will last season after season, securing the canopy in place. As a rule, the only way a connector becomes damaged is because of a storm or other unusual situation, which causes a crack or chip. Many people talk about the benefits of getting connectors that are made of good materials and have been carefully constructed, and which fit the canopy poles. They have found that Ace Canopy connectors fill all these requirements. After making a purchase, it only takes a few minutes to put one's canopy back into full use.

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