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Canopy Foot Pads

Our canopy foot pads are a very thick gage metal and hold strong into the ground. Just drive some canopy stakes through the 1/2" holes in the foot pad and now your canopy is secure to the ground.
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A canopy foot pad is very important to have due to unpredictable weather. We suggest to see all of the safeguard possibilities with our canopy accessories.

Technical aspects to consider with canopy foot pads.

  • galvanized steel
  • Pole diameter of canopy
  • Gage of steel of canopy foot pad
  • Size of the eye bolt that locks the canopy foot pad into place
  • Welding of the pole connector to the foot pad.

    About Canopy Foot Pads

    When canopies and party tents are used in unstable areas with wind it is essential to have canopy foot pads since they are needed in order for the canopy to stay on the ground. There are two central categories of these pads that buyers should be aware of. The first of them would be the cemented foot pads that is often best utilized whenever they are being set firmly in solid ground.

    Most of them have an average size of twelve inches and are therefore more than large enough to help balance the full weight of the tent without allowing it to drop over. The second category of these pads would be the 3-hole foot pads that may be easily bolted to the ground using anchors or by placing the smaller tent stakes through the holes in order to effectively anchor it to the dirt region. The flat bottom of this variety of pad will also allow for the legs of the tents to be effectively stabilized when they are being used on dirt or gravel.

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