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Standing Patio Heater
Foot Pads 2 Inches

Our outdoor canopy 30x50 super heavy duty 1.75 inch pipe diameter shelter covers a lot of space at a low cost and is surprisingly easy to set up considering how big it is. If you are having a large event or want a massive canopy shelter, we suggest our outdoor canopy 30x50 super heavy duty 1.75 inch pipe diameter.

Outdoor Canopy 30x50 Super Heavy Duty 2 Inch OD Pipe Diameter - SUPER SALE

  • Heavy Duty Tarp Cover
  • Full UV Protection
  • Super Heat Resistant
  • Waterproof and Weather Resistant
  • Heavy Duty Ball Bungees
  • No Tools Required - Easy Set-up
  • Galvanized Steel Poles 1.75 Inch Pole Diameter - 16 Gage
  • 5 Year Warranty on acts of Erosion for frame & Top Cover


Available in silver, white, blue, orange, red, green or yellow.

More Info

Heavy duty ball bungees. Ball bungees are strong enough to hold the top cover to the canopy frame. These cords are very easy to install. They are used with the grommets of the tarp.

Galvanized steel. Corrosion and rust cannot damage steel that went through the process of galvanization. The finish is also attractive and unscratchable.

UV protection (100%). Tarps that are UV treated can resist UV degradation and can last for a very long time. Under the protection of a UV treated tarp, your properties will not be damaged by the harmful rays coming from the sun.

16 gage galvanized steel. Gage (also known as gauge or ga) is the standard thickness of a sheet metal. A 16 gauge galvanized steel is 0.0635 in. thick.

Foot pads (sold separately). Secure the canopy in place during windy days by installing foot pads with stakes/concrete screws.

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