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5 Year Extended Warranty
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Shade Screen 6x20
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Canopy Cover Replacement 14x20
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This outdoor canopy 14x20 heavy duty provides you a simple, easy and economical way to provide overhead shelter for your boat, vehicle or any type of equipment you choose. Our outdoor canopy 14x20 is designed and built with materials made for continuous outdoor use. 

Outdoor Canopy 14x20 Heavy Duty

  • Heavy Duty Tarp Cover
  • Full UV Protection
  • Super Heat Resistant
  • Waterproof and Weather Resistant
  • Heavy Duty Ball Bungees
  • No Tools Required - Easy Set-up
  • Galvanized Steel Poles 1 3/8 Inch Pole Diameter - 17 Heavy Duty Gage
  • 5 Year Warranty on acts of Erosion for frame & Top Cover



  • Weight = 150 pounds
  • Side Height = 6' 8"
  • Center Height = 10'6"
  • With 8 legs
  • Use of canopy stakes & foot pads are recommended for windy areas


Available in white, silver, green or camouflage.

Additional Information

UV protection. For a long-lasting and heat resistant canopy, the top cover undergoes UV treatment. Everything under the shade of this canopy will also be protected from UV rays.

Heavy duty ball bungees. To install a ball bungee, you just need to pull the cord through the grommet, wrap it around the pole then fasten it to the ball.

17 gage galvanized steel. The thickness of a 17 gage (or gauge) galvanized steel is 0.0575 in.

Galvanized steel. Steel that went through the galvanization process is scratch, rust and corrosion proof.

Accessories for windy conditions:

  • Canopy foot pads 1 3/8 inch. Install this to the legs for a stronger canopy foundation.
  • Shade screen 6x20. Place shade screens as side walls to let air in while diffusing the power of the wind.

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