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Canopy Party Tents

These canopy party tents are an "A" Frame canopy type Party Tent. The frame is the same shape as the canopy but the top is made with a valance party style top. These canopy party tents are all fire retardant and in compliance with the Fire Marshall Code CPAI 84-7. If you are looking for a festive and economical alternative to our classic party tents, we suggest our highly popular canopy party tents.

What makes our canopy party tents special? Basically the party canopy tent has an "A" frame type shape like our standard outdoor canopies. The difference is these canopy party tents include a party tent top made from a poly oxford material that valances over the party canopy frame. Having a strong event canopy for the party is key and our frames are very heavy duty.

The Uses Of Canopy Party Tents Canopy party tents make the perfect addition to any backyard setting. It creates an atmosphere that can help you enjoy your own outdoor yard even more, and can really act as an extension of your home. No matter what the weather, you can sit underneath this canopy and enjoy some fresh air, and having these items ready at all times will make your party hosting much more simple.

Many people love to those outdoor party activities. And while this is a lot of fun for everyone, you have to be prepared for the worst. You never know when a rain cloud might pop up, leaving your guests in danger of getting wet. These canopy party tents can solve that worry.

On the other hand, even if you experience the perfect weather, some of your guests may prefer the shade or get a little too warm in the sun. Make the environment more comfortable by offering them a choice of sitting underneath a canopy party tent.

These unique tents can make any party much more fun. The canopy party tents add ambiance, and you can even work with them to help them fit in with any theme. Change the canopy covers to suite your color scheme and add balloons, streamers, or whatever you desire. This is especially fun for children parties or special occasions and holidays. Use these not only for function, but to create the atmosphere and ambiance that you desire. These canopy party tents are also great for serving food. No one likes to eat salad that has sat in the hot sun or eat a cake that the heat of the day has melted all the icing off of. Keep your food and drinks at the desired temperature by serving them under the tent.

The canopy tent is available in all sizes from the smaller 10x10 to enormous versions that can accommodate dozens of party goers. These will also vary greatly in price, but it makes choosing the exact size you need a breeze.

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