Canopy Packages

These canopy packages give you accessories with your canopy at a great savings. Some of the canopy packages come with side walls, foot pads or canopy stakes as part of your package savings. Our canopy packages save you money by ordering the whole package as apposed to buying the canopy accessories individually.

If you need all the items that go with a canopy, you can save money by getting one of these canopy packages. Didn't find what your looking for?  Click here for out pop up tent packages.

About Our Canopy Kits

Our canopy packages save you money by getting the whole package together. These canopy kits offer many uses and are great for many occasions. When you have a green thumb but live in an apartment or condominium, it is sometimes hard to create the ri ght conditions for plants that take special care. With mini-greenhouse canopy kits, you can have a garden indoors or on your patio.

All of the mini-greenhouse have polypropylene covers that are protected from ultra-violet rays. This protection is important, as polypropylene would degrade without this added benefit. This material is also waterproof, which will protect plants on the patio and will keep the humidity and heat levels indoors.

The material of the cover is rip stop protected, giving you some leeway to be clumsy. If you are giving this product for a special occasion, the names or date of the event can be imprinted on the cover. If these units will be used for a marketing tool, the cover also can take imprints for company names and logos.

Being able to have ample access to the plants inside has been well handled. On all three models of these plant tenders, the front panel is zippered on both sides. This allows for either side to be accessed or for the front to be flipped over the top for more complete admittance. If you are potting or restocking, you can remove the front panel or the entire cover to make your play easier.

The sturdy frames are such due to the steel components that have been powder-coated for an attractive finish. The wire shelves are polypropylene-coated. This provides durability and allows for good air circulation. All models can be constructed without any tools.

Choose from a two, three, or four shelf configuration. All models are 27 inches wide by 19 inches. The height, from two through the four shelf models is 37 inches, 63 inches, and 72 inches. Choose one or more to make your begonias happy or to keep your salad garden going all through the seasons.

If you are entertaining people, the canopies are a simple way to make the event more dynamic and safe from the elements. Whether you are using a 10x10 canopy kit for a tailgate party in the snow or a 20x40 canopy kit for a wedding, these canopies are easy to assemble and are a bit stronger than the pop up tents. If the conditions are windy it is advisable to not use the canopy until the harsh weather is over.

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