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Canopies by Color

Canopies by ColorCanopies by Color

Canopies by ColorAce Canopy has the largest selection of colors for your canopy. We manufacture our own canopy covers, which is why we have more color choices for canopies than anybody else in the world. If you do not see the color canopy that you need and are interested in purchasing a large quantity of canopies in that special color call us and we will be glad to help you
White Outdoor Canopy
Our white canopy is one of our most popular canopies.
Silver Outdoor Canopy
Our silver canopy are good sun reflecting canopies.
Grey/White Outdoor Canopy
Grey on the top and white underneath canopies.
Orange Outdoor Canopy
Festive orange canopies.
Red Outdoor Canopy
Stand out with a red outdoor canopy.
Green Outdoor Canopy
Green outdoor canopies that blend into the environment.
Yellow Outdoor Canopy
Cheerful and festive yellow canopies.
Blue Outdoor Canopy
The standard blue outdoor canopy.
Silver/Black Outdoor Canopy
Our silver/black canopy are the best sun blocking canopies.
Pop Up Tents by Color
Choose your pop up tent by color.
Ace Canopy has a huge selection of canopies in many different colors to choose from.
Different Colors Of Outdoor Canopies

Using the appropriate outdoor shelter may not only involve the material, but may also have a great deal to do with the color choice. For occasions when it is important to control not only the ultraviolet rays of the sun, but to also provide a more comfortable temperature outdoors there are specific options. Using a silver and black or white outdoor canopy is the best way to block ultraviolet rays and to provide an area of controlled comfort.

These particular canopy tops are constructed to block out the most heat and provide the coolest amounts of shade. As an additional benefit, they are not only waterproof, but mildew and acid resistant as well. No matter what the weather entails on a particular day, this canopy is ready to provide shelter and comfort to guest or lend protection to materials.

Silver on the exterior of the canopy reflects the sun away from the structure to keep heat under control in even the warmest conditions. The black coloring underneath prevents sunlight from getting through and provides cooler shade. Each side has been treated against ultraviolet light which will increase the length of the product life.

Each canopy tarp color can be purchased individually in a large variety of sizes to accommodate small storage or large gathering tents. Sizes range from the smallest of six feet by eight feet to one hundred feet by one hundred feet. Finished sizes are approximately two percent smaller than the original measurement sizes and this should be taken into account when ordering.

These canopies are quite well-known as the best type of cover against the rays of the sun and classified super heavy duty as well. The weave count on this particular product is twelve by fourteen with exceptional flexibility and tear resistance. The standard eighteen inch grommet placement around the exterior helps to ensure additional stability against wind.
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"By far the largest selection of canopies we have ever see". Bert A. - Los Angeles, CA

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