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Camping Tents

Taking the right gear to your outdoor trip is extremely essential and when it comes to camping, good quality camping tents are an absolute necessity! Ace Canopy offers the perfect camping tents for regular camping enthusiasts. Our camping tents, which come in various models, save you time as well as money.

Our 1 to 2 person camping tent canopy is extremely easy to set up and can be stored in most small backpacks. In case you are looking for a larger camping canopy, we suggest using our 6 person camping canopies which are great for accommodating many people and has more flexibility than a normal canopy.

Have a long hike and need lightweight camping canopies? Choose one of our light weight camping canopies! 

A Guide To Camping Canopies

If you love camping, you probably use a regular tent when you spend the night under the stars. However, canopies are becoming more and more popular. A canopy is usually best for camping outdoors in more pleasant conditions. Because of their height and size, they might not be very suitable for bad weather conditions. When using a canopy, be sure that the weather condition of your camping site is going to be sunny and pleasant. Unlike a regular camping tent, a canopy tent usually has enough vertical space for people to stand up comfortably. This certainly makes it easier to get ready during the morning.

If you are camping out with a large group of people, a canopy tent is highly recommended. Many canopies come in large sizes which can accommodate more people. Also, you can bring furniture inside your canopy to create a little home away from home.

To ensure that you are kept safe from the elements at night, be sure to use a camping canopy that can be fully closed. The ones with sheets of waterproof fabric, and possibly mesh fabric that go around the entire structure are recommended. These sheets of fabric will also attach to the floor, which will help keep you safe from water and bugs.

To choose the right camping canopy for your needs, figure out how many people will join your camping trip. You can then figure out how much space you'll need. Camping canopies are incredibly popular these days. Large groups of people who camp together are especially fond of these items, especially since they provide more space and comfort than most tents.

Many campers turn to camping canopies simply because they are so reliable. They do not rip or tear as easily unlike the typical camping tents. In fact, those who invest in these will be able to take them to some of the rockiest terrain out there.

One of the main reasons why people use camping canopies is the fact that they are so lightweight. Carrying around heavy equipment on any trip can be very taxing. However, this gear can be taken down and attached to the backpack within minutes.

The camping canopy top is also waterproof so you are still protected from the rain. There are also camping canopies treated with fire retardants. In case of fire, the canopy tent can slow down the spread of flames.

Once your camping canopy has been purchased it should be taken on every trip planned. Some people will even have them packed away in their car or truck in case of emergency. Remember, these are very lightweight and compact when packed so they don't take a lot of space.

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