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Boat CanopyBoat Canopy

Boat CanopyThese boat canopy tents come with long galvanized steel poles that enable the canopy to stand high above the water. The boat canopy legs come in several different heights so you can have more choices for your individual needs. All of our deck boat canopies offer full UV and water proof protection. Installing a boat canopy on your dock is a smart and economical way to keep your expensive boat protected and safe.
Deck Boat Canopy 10x10
Regular Price: $600.00
Sale Price: $499.95
Free Shipping
Deck Boat Canopy 10x16
Regular Price: $850.00
Sale Price: $529.95
Free Shipping
Deck Boat Canopy 10x20
Regular Price: $900.00
Sale Price: $699.95
Free Shipping
Deck Boat Canopy 12x20
Regular Price: $1,250.00
Sale Price: $879.95
Free Shipping
Deck Boat Canopy 18x20
Regular Price: $1,500.00
Sale Price: $1,299.95
Free Shipping
Regular Price: $2,280.00
Sale Price: $1,699.95
Free Shipping
 SUV/Boat Canopy Carport 28 x 13 x 10 - SUPER SALE
Regular Price: $2,500.00
Sale Price: $1,479.95
Free Shipping
Don't let the sun and weather damage your boat while sitting at the dock. With a large variety of sizes available we are sure you will find the best boat canopy to suit your needs. All of our boat canopies can be set up quickly and easily with no tools required.

Note: These boat canopies have galvanized steel parts but they are not impervious to salt water. Salt water will eventually rust the poles.

Having More Fun On The Water With A Boat Canopy

There are many different features and elements that come along with owning a boat. Many people today are investing in the boat canopy in order to get out on the water a lot more. Take a little bit of time to discover what these products can bring to the table and how any owner will be able to enjoy them.

The boat canopies are designed to provide a greater amount of shade. Those who feel that they have partially fair skin will need to make sure that they get the most protection from the sun as possible. This is going to decrease the chances of getting skin cancer as well as those nasty sun burns. Due to the fact that various boats are all designed differently, so is the popular boat canopy. In fact, most of these will come in custom sizes that the owner will be able to order. Of course it will be up to the owner to determine what they currently need to set sail and have some fun.

If there is a name on the boat, transfer that onto the new shade canopy that is purchased. People are now getting very creative and choosing bright colors that can easily be spotted from above. If there is some sort of storm, if the colors can stick out, it will be easy to carry out a rescue in no time at all.

The overall installation process for the boat canopy is also very simple. Most owners have been able to take care of the installation all on their own. The instructions will need to be read ahead of time and from there it should be easy to have the right amount of shade ready to go in no time. A boat canopy is surely a great investment to make. There are plenty of owners who are enjoying a lot more time on the water because they can enjoy the cooler shade. Start looking around right now and do not forget to take the proper measurements for the right sizes.
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"Everyone is asking me where I got my boat canopy! We live in a gated community with a lake and this canopy has become the conversation piece." Roger U. Spicewood, TX."

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