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Bed Canopy

Our bed canopy mosquito netting is 100% Polyester with a 100 mesh count and meets the U.S.A. Safety Regulation (16 CFR part 1610. Whether camping or on a tropical vacation, a bed canopy is very essential. We have bed canopies for kids and all types of regular netting bed canopies. Another great use for bed canopy covers is to cover them over our smaller outdoor canopies and pop up tents. The mosquito canopy nets are the best solution to keep the bugs out and not get bitten up. Just throw the bed canopy over your outdoor canopy and you are automatically protected by bugs and unwanted flying sand at the beach. If you have a wedding canopy and want accentuate your canopy with some style, you can take one of our bed canopy mesh screens and add an elegant touch. So, if you are searching for a nice way to spruce up the look of your canopy or just protect yourself from insects, we suggest a mesh screen bed canopy.

Need to protect yourself from bugs while in your canopy? Get a bed canopy and never let the bugs in.

Bed Canopy With Mosquito Netting

A bed canopy can provide protection in a location where you are vacationing or camping, and helps ensure a comfortable environment anywhere you are. There are several different types and styles available, which makes it easy for everyone to find something that will work for any situation.

One of the most popular and widely used items is the one hundred percent polyester mosquito netting. The netting offers a one hundred mesh count, and meets the U. S. A safety regulations, which is especially important if you are traveling to exotic places. This provides protection from bugs, sands and other unwanted elements that you want to keep away while you are relaxing or sleeping.

There are traditional and large bed canopies available, and the large size is light and airy while providing maximum protection and coverage. The large canopy hangs on a twenty six diameter rattan ring, measures ninety six inches long and forty inches at the base.

There are also decorative accents added to the canopies to provide a fun and relaxed environment for adults and children. For children, there is the Gerber Daisy set that features flower accents in bright, playful colors. This hoop measures ninety five inches high and twenty two inches in diameter, and includes all necessary hardware. There is also a Mombasa glow in the dark set for adults, which is one hundred and eight inches long, forty one inches at the base and hangs from a twenty six inch bamboo hoop.

These bed canopies are easy to use and can hang down from the ceiling, or be thrown over pop up tents or other open structures to provide better protection. This is one of those items that should always be included in an outdoor kit, because even if you don't plan on using it, it will probably come in handy. You can purchase a bed canopy for children or adults, and always find a way to use them at home or while vacationing.

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