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Ball Bungees

When it comes to securing your canopy you need nothing but the best to ensure that the structure remains firmly connected. Ball bungees offered by Ace Canopy are long-lasting as they are made of premium quality material. They will last longer than the typical ball bungees sold elsewhere. So get only from Ace Canopy.

Ball Bungee sizes and use:

  • 9" Ball Bungees are used to connect the canopy top to the frame.
  • 6" Ball Bungees are used to connect the canopy ends and sidewalls to the frame.

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Need long-lasting ball bungee cords? Get the super strong ball bungees.

Additional Information on Ball Bungees

Ball bungees are very handy for a lot of applications. And when they’re used in canopies, the installation of the top cover becomes much easier. A ball bungee consists of an elastic cord and a hollow ball. The ball end allows you to secure an item.

Puncturing holes or damaging the tarp won’t be necessary when installing a top cover using ball bungees. Just place the cover on top of the frame and then insert each cord through every grommet. To secure the tarp, wrap each the cord once or twice around the pipe and then fasten it to the ball.

Ball bungees can also be used for securing other items. Place an order today.

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