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Backyard Canopy

A backyard canopy is a great accentuation to any backyard. Of course other canopies can be set up in your backyard. These are some canopies that customers always refer to as a backyard canopy. Our mini green house can go well in any backyard as well as an apartment balcony. Our green pop up canopies can blend right into your yard and is very easy to set up.

We have a collection of backyard canopies that can be set up for just temporary use like our instant backyard canopy, or a more permanent canopy like our celebration backyard canopy. Choose from our large selection of backyard canopies to dress up your backyard for a party or just practical weather protection.

Click on the pictures below to view our many backyard canopies.

If you want to decorate your backyard and add functionality you cannot go wrong with one of our backyard canopies.

A Backyard Canopy Can Make All Seasons Easier

Let's face it. There are many days out of the year when being outside in your garden or on the patio is less enjoyable than it probably should be. Most of these days are in the winter, obviously. The ambient air temperature cannot be changed, so a backyard canopy can do a lot to ease the discomfort when being outdoors on the worst of days.

The first, and most obvious use of this kind of  covering is to keep the sun from hammering you down into the ground. Hanging around outside in the summer is supposed to be glorious and fun, but that heat can really wear you out. Keeping large sections of grass or patio cool can greatly increase people's enjoyment of their deck or outdoor area. Rain is also one of the main offenders when it comes to enjoying some fresh air. An awning, tent, or other kind of temporary canopy shelter will bestow square feet of dry space to sit in. Given that many summer rains occur during warm and otherwise lovely evenings, this is a great way to relax in your own backyard.

Adjustable and custom backyard canopies are available in many styles, colors and sizes. Waterproof and treated for protection against ultraviolet rays, these backyard canopies are lightweight. Assembly is easy and without the need for special tools. Our backyard canopy collection consist of the Ace Canopy brands Mandalay, the Sahara and the Cape Cod. These pop up tents can be set up within minutes and come with decorative mesh shade material. Also available are simple screen or mesh tarps which provide some shelter from the sun but no protection from rain. On the opposite end of the spectrum there are silver tarps which block light entirely. There are many styles, colors, and applications to choose from and a consultation with a service professional is probably going to be the best way to get started looking for a new backyard canopy.

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