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Grommet Repair Kit

The 10x10 Winter Canopy Cover Silver and Black is a super heavy duty canopy replacement cover. It is designed to withstand harsh winters. The snow load will not collapse when you have this winter canopy cover installed.

10x10 Winter Canopy Cover Silver and Black

  • Rope reinforcement - perimeter
  • Resists snow load
  • Super tough


Note: A 10x10 Canopy frame requires a 10x12 Tarp Cover - A Canopy Cover Replacement 10x10 = A 10x12 Tarp Cover. So when you receive your 10x10 Canopy Cover Replacement it will say 10x12 - This is due to the high peak of the canopy frame.

Two different ways of using the winter canopy cover:

  • Place it as a cover of a traditional canopy frame.
  • Put it under a valance canopy for added support.

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